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This is the Uprising Philosophy. This is what the team lives by, and what all the Uprising Supporters support.

So most of you guys are probably wondering, who the hell is "Uprising Nation", and why are they spreading around like a disease!? Well, we are a group of guys that got fed up with the system we were in. We were sick of giving up all our prizes, sick of conforming to one individuals ideas, sick of following someone else’s dream of being a superstar, sick of following someone who couldn’t understand the importance of the team as a whole. We aren’t out to take it in the ass from the first person who wants to give us a shinny new nickel. We aren’t out to make the self appointed dick head team politicians famous. We are a team of players for the players. Our goal is to redefine the old ideas of how paintball should be played, even if it is just among a few. We aren’t going to be told to play a certain position, and we aren't going to be told to play a certain way. We are playing because we love it, and we are playing with the same collective idea that paintball is played by the players.

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